At The End ofThings

Today was my last day at the Children’s Center. It was a bittersweet afternoon. We spent our last time together playing favorite games. I put together a short movie from the year and the kids gave me cards they had made. I think I was more sad about me leaving then they were. Ha.IMG_1235.jpg(How many faces can we fit into the screen?)

I also said goodbye to the Pastor and Pastor’s Wife who run the center. They have been nothing but kind and welcoming to me this year. Countless times they made I felt at home at the center, their house and Korea. They would take me to expreience new foods and places and were patience with me as I struggled to learn how to communicate. Samonim always had an endless supply of kimchi ready for me 😉 While I was thousands of miles from my home, their love helped to make Korea a second home for me.


Even knowing that I would have to say goodbye, you are only so prepared for how hard it really is. On the other side, sometimes you don’t know when the last of something will be. I walked many times this year to and from my site. It was something I enjoyed, something that I looked forward to. I stopped doing it once the humid and rainy season came. Riding home today I realized I don’t remember the last time I made that walk, a walk so frequent and important to my time here. Knowing that my last walk was forgotten was as difficult to accept as my planned goodbyes. The last of anything good hurts. Though as my favorite bear so wisely states.

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

Enjoy a few last photos of my site and the people who made it so special.









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