Cherry Blossoms

A few photos of the cherry blossoms at Hannam University, Deajeon Korea.























Simply a Moment; Not Meant To Last

Something magical happened. Spring has come in all of its glory. After a few days of rain the blossoms on the trees sprang to life, covering them in a soft spring snow. The petals drifted from the flowers down to the ground, covering in a blanket of white. It was beautiful! If the thousands of petals practically floating, arranged on each tree forming delicate flowers is not a testament to the greater life and breath of the universe, then I am baffled.

IMG_2987.jpg(All the trees alight with blooms along the walk ways near my house.)

The most awe inspiring reality of these flowers is their immaculate beauty that vanishes within days; simply a moment not meant to last. The petals drawn of by rushing April Winds, fell to the ground like snow, the tree left stalky and plain, only the small green buds as a reminder its not the same tree as during winter.

Again magic happened and almost over night every bud on all the trees opened in to tiny adorable leaves. Their brilliant green color glistening in the warm sun, the trees seemed to sing, the petals just a prelude to the greater symphony of spring. Each day something new has arrived, some new flower or bird. I even saw a different cat fighting with our Alley Cat in Resident Dimitri. (He’s the orange one with a squashed face and missing his tail)IMG_2759

Like the thousands of petals spring seems to be made up of thousands of moments, delicately shaped together to create the vision of spring; each moment only lasting for a breath. Inhale into the the moment and exhale as it drifts by. KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-04-10-08-01-35-41

That is the case with my YAV year. It is simply moments followed by moments to compose a reality. Moments that drift on the wind to fall into memory.

There have been some beautiful moments here in Korea, and there have been some ugly ones.  A real rawness. Like holding up a mirror and really looking at yourself, blemishes and all. Realizing how you contribute to any given moment.  There have been moments composed of feelings, wanted and unwanted. They drift by like clouds. I am learning to let them come and go. Moments of words, soft and encouraging, harsh and hurtful. Sometimes these moments lead to other moments, moments of restoration, forgiveness and more words, sometimes they don’t.  KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-04-10-07-46-03-25(My friends and I took a trip to photograph the flowers…we were very silly about it) 

And moments with friends. The most invigorating and simultaneously hardest part is building friendships and knowing that within a few months I will be separated by thousands of miles and waters. And yet, that can not take away from the beauty of right now and the moments I can share. Knowing that something doesn’t last doesn’t make the cherry tree any less worthy or beautiful. I am not less inclined to enjoy my time with them knowing that in a few days they will be but a feint memory.  I am eager to share our moment together.  KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-04-10-08-01-35-67(These three ladies have made my time in Korea beautiful) 

As I write this, it is Easter Sunday. I can hear the birds chirp, the view outside my window is alive with the colors of life. I always forget how green it becomes when living in Winter. Easter always reminds me that whatever is happening that knowing that “this too shall pass.” Nothing lasts forever. Moments of hardship give way to joy. Moments of joy can be followed by despair. Always changing. Always moving. I am learning to observe the moment.

Breath, Trust and Be.