Creating Happiness

Creating Happiness

Friends, as December and January comes to a close, the days have dwindled into darkness and then, slowly they’ve begun to grow longer with the returning light. Cold winds have swept through, even once, bringing with them snow! We light candles in the house and have left our christmas lights up to keep out the winter and chase away the cold. img_3229

I write to share of my holiday season and the moments of joy and happiness I’ve had.  That’s not to say that everything has been easy or filled with positive feelings. Rather, I have been coming to understand that happiness is created from within and shared outward. There have been many moments of hardship. We’ve learned about dark and troublesome histories and stories. There have been tears and questions, but there has also been hope.

The funny thing about hope, peace and happiness is it doesn’t come from the lack of negative, contrary, a recognition of those unpleasant things and their acknowledgment, owning them and holding them together as one with the good. If we sit quietly with it all  let them be, but not rule, we are able to begin creating the space for happiness, peace and hope.

Its a lot of work. It is not an easy process.  Sitting in discomfort never is, but it’s one I am willing working at and learning what it means to create my peace in the world.

Now enjoy some pictures of my happy moments!


img_3383My Christmas Selfie! Although I wasn’t home in the States with my family, I felt very welcomed and loved in Korea. 

img_3482Some bus drivers went all out with decorations! There is nothing like christmas bells being thrown from side to side as the buses hurdle around corners. 



One of the actives that we did at our sites was to make Christmas Cards with the Children. Some of them got really into it. Others were more interested in cutting paper into tiny pieces and sprinkling it on the floor. 

img_1252But we made some mighty fine cards! 

img_3473Our Christmas day night activity was binge watching our favorite Korean Drama, “Second to Last Love” Don’t tell anyone, but apparently it is a show for Moms. We like it anyway. Besides, Chief Ko is our favorite. 

img_3365The Sunday School class I work with all decked out for Christmas Sunday 

img_3589You know. Just pushing larger bell ringers…

This is Woori. She is awesome. She works with me. We like to take really silly photos together. 

img_3086Another site I work at is a Homeless Support Center. That day is always an adventure and I’m never sure what we will be doing. On this particular day we trimmed hundreds of red peppers…then sang songs. 

img_3109A glimpse of the food ready to have rice scooped and served at a local soup kitchen we work at. It’s a really face paced excursion where you learn on the go. If you don’t keep up,  or know what to do the older woman who run the show just shove you to where you need to be and you keep going. I am really grateful for this site. 

img_3535Meet Grandfather. He’s pretty cool. I like him.