Theatre Camp Begins

Tomorrow is the start of the summer camp I work at. I’ve been there for several years now, and have come to dub myself the assistant director and Production coordinator.  Basically I am greatly involved in the running of a camp for children 5-14 number around 30. For two weeks we work on a hour show and preform it at the end. This year is Robin Hood!


Some of the Worst of the Worst

We are one of the few places were we have mass murder on this scale outside acts of war. Ironic that we pride ourselves on being one of the “most advanced and greatest countries” of this age and many before. However, I’m starting to think we are at the worst of times more barbaric then the “barbarians” of the past. Murdering a group of non violent civilians or subjects cold in the back would have been seen as a godless act, one worthy of excommunication and downright cowardice. To kill without “just cause of war” (also unacceptable to be clear) or for the protection of self life, left the murderer little worse then a wild animal. Incapable of human reasoning or ability. The fact that he was killed before he could face up and own to what he had done made it little better. To behave in this was consequently proof that you were a coward, not worthy of the manhood you held and merited no right to be ushered into the afterlife.

I am not supporting war, killing or even the violent practices of the cultures before us, but I certainly think that they had many more of their priorities in check about the human lives in their villages and towns. Human kind tragedies are terrible and the worst, often shrouded by the glory of war, are unacceptable at the best of times. At the worst we have this. 50 people dead and many more dying at the hands of a single person with access to death and no balls to stand up for what he did. Slow clap.

Mostly I am proud to be an American of the 21st century. Today I am not. Today I am sad that for everything we have accomplished in such short time, we still seem to murder each other in a way that Vlad the Impaler would applaud. Congratulations. It’s some of the worst of the worst.