The Facts About Grey

Today it was grey. Well actually its been grey for days, but today I noticed it. For about a week and half now it has been raining on and off, the sun peaking out among the clouds periodically. Mostly the rain has fallen in a steady drizzle. We’ve needed it. It’s been very dry up to now. As I was saying, today I noticed (in between the Mad Men Marathon I’ve been having)  that it was grey and how beautiful that really is.


First off, you notice how green everything is. The lack of sun and obviously yellow allows the hidden yellows to really pop in the grass and leaves, leaving this contrast of yellow and stark sky. It stands out as vivid and dream like. Almost otherworldly in a sense.


Which leads to the second observation. Clouds don’t stop birds. In fact they are more noticeable against the sky, a flash out of the corner of your eye. Look for it and it’s gone! Even the chickens and other unmentionable fowl for their are quite obnoxious look rich in the grey.


Gremlin and his lady are trolling the field for yummies while the Guinea Fowl are pleasantly far from my house. 

I suppose what really struck me about today was how calm it was. Things are rarely calm it would feel. At this point in my life I am juggling a full time job over two days. (I got a check in the mail for two days for 31 hours worked…..yikes film?) and then being completely unemployed.  Luckily Netflix has been there for me. As well as All Creatures Great and Small  which I am re-reading and forgot how amazing it was!!

I also have all the thoughts that come with moving to a foreign country. Its scary and exciting and mostly pushed into the back of everything, except when home doing little. Oh! I looked at the Korean alphabet and played preschool apps. It was a major accomplishment when I recognized some letters! Regardless, the Grey of the day made me relax for a moment and take in that life is good for me right now. The curled up can on my lap helped with that.



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