Adventuring of a Different Kind

Adventuring of a Different Kind

“This is a story of how a Baggins had an adventure, and found himself doing and saying things altogether unexpected.” -J.R.R. Tolkien

Once upon there was a woman who lived next to a mountain deep in the woods. She had traveled all over the world, met many a wise and noble soul and surely had her share of adventuring and could rest; but that was not to be.

It is hard to ignore the call to anything when it comes knocking at your door and presents itself so politely. It would be like turning away a sweet passerby for afternoon tea when secretly you requested their attendance in your heart. You see, I had quite made up my mind about how I was going to preceded in life, and it didn’t include adventure and service to the far east….

Well tell that to the call to Service in the Presbyterian church. It didn’t listen well. To have a calling is a peculiar feeling. Like someone keeps ringing you on the phone, leaves half a message then hangs up. One can only ignore it so long before calling back and demanding to know why. That’s in the extreme case of course. For me, the idea of service through faith had been presented to me by my grandmother who thought the Young Adult Volunteer Program might be of interest to me. Noticing that the deadline had passed, I proceeded to forget about the whole affair, assuming that I had enough on my plate trying to break into the film and television world. As a persistent guest, the notion continued to live with me, encouraging me to explore the idea of service further until, six months later I found myself accepting a position in Daejeon Korea for a year of service through the presbyterian church.

Although its a place I never predicted myself in, I cannot deny that I am excited and thrilled about what challenges the coming year has to offer. Stepping out of the boundaries of comfort will only continue to help me grow and give back to a world which has been so kind to me. I am a storyteller at heart and to me life is but a tapestry of individual stories woven together to create a beautiful narrative of life. I seek stories from people who surround me. One doesn’t have to look far to find them, they are all around. The majority of my stories come from history, the endless tome of adventure, songs and tales. Much of my life thus far has been dedicated to learning about the past stories so to better understand the ones of today. I look forward to stepping into a culture foreign to me, but rich with myth, history and story.

So I find myself going to Korea. Some of you already know this and to some this may come as a surprise, as this will be the first public announcement of my journey. I am privileged that I get a chance to serve my world, its people and faith. I will be traveling in August and from there I can only guess at what will happen. Some have said that I am making a mistake, that I am putting  my career on hold. I argue that film is only a small aspect of storytelling and storytelling is nothing without life. Therefore I am giving my life to the greater world and allowing myself to be a vassal to a faith that has guided me thus.

Please join me as the journey continues…


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