Dinner for Many

I think that certain people come into your life at certain times for specific reasons. I mean, think about the sheer volume of people we come into contact with on any given day. Hundreds of thousands of soul cross paths with us, let alone the billions that inhabit this world. Yet, we only manage to connect with some of those, become friends with less and even fewer become family.

I bring this up, because I made the time this past week, with my crazy life a schedule to visit some of my old college friends in Ohio. I was in popular demand. That’s what happens when you attend an out of state school and come back for a visit. Everyone wants a piece of you. I decided the easiest way to handle it was have an impromptu dinner party. I wasn’t working normal people hours so I could host a  dinner for ten.

Cooking for others to share is a magic thing. I had the joy of getting to spend the afternoon with my two close friends, sisters if you will, chopping and sauté all afternoon. We even decided to dress up, dawn aprons and jam out to the Musical Hamilton. There isn’t anything like slicing potatoes while singing “My Name is Alexander Hamilton” at the top of you lungs.

Dinner itself was wonderful. A group of people who share a moment in their crazy lives to partake together in a meal is one of the closest and the most primitive ways to connect with another person, surpassed by only a few other ways.

As I looked around the table, I saw the faces of people who had come to be important presences in my life. People who shared memories, laughter and tears with me. The world is a large chaotic place, filled with fright and unnameable terrors. To find people throughout the journey who sprinkle in light makes it that much less large scary. They create a world that is worth waking up to everyday, a world in which dreams are made and adventures are shared.

I am thankful for them everyday.



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