Chasing Dreams

Chasing Dreams

Dreams are just that. When you wake up after a cozy night (or a terrifying one) and you can feel a reality slipping through your fingers. Unable to catch the liquid glass and form it into something solid and tangible. Instead they are gone, forgotten to a past that never really was. Every day we chase dreams and often let them go for something easier to realize, to hold on to, and as time passes some of those dreams slip away into the nebulas netherworld of sleep. Of yesterday.

Sometimes however, dreams are just hard world. Commitment to a passion and the struggle to achieve. To see your dream morph into a piece of art. Granted, the finished product won’t look like the dream. Dreams never look like reality and accepting that can be the first step to  find a dream. It’s pretty disappointing to see that your hard work looks nothing like you pictured it, a vision confined only to the dream world.

But back to hard work. That is really the key. Example. It snowed 31 inches last night.  Most people and animals are content to stay inside. Not my dog. She wanted to chase her frisbee like every morning. I think she dreams about it at night when she whimpers. So it was thrown and sure enough my dog rushes after it, her black body soon lost in the eternal white. A whooping tale makes a few appearances, but other then that it is a useless case. A single red Frisbee in a sea of snow is impossible to find, even for a devoted Frisbee retriever.

However my dog refuses to give in, and sure enough after a while she emerges from the snow, that Frisbee in her mouth and a smile of utter joy plastered across her face. She came inside after that. Even avid dream chasers need to take a break.